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    Dear Annette,
    I hope you are doing well and enjoying the summer!!!
    I just want to say "Hi" and "THANK YOU" for being such a wonderful person and such a great and talented teacher!!! We really appreciate everything that you did, do and will do for our son Vladyk!!! Have a wonderful day, Annette!!!
    LOVE, Liliya&Family
    P.S. I will send you a little bit longer email and will include the copy of Vlad's report card as well!

    My name is Julia
    Annette Petrillo has been tutoring me in English for over a year now. I am from Brazil and English is my second language. She helps me three times per week and has made my college experience much less daunting and getting through some of my papers much less difficult. I have learned so much from Annette; I intend to continue using her services until I graduate college. She is a great teacher and a wonderful person. I feel more confident in speaking and writing the English language and will always be grateful to her. I can recommend her highly to anyone needing help in Language Arts skills.

    My name is Diana
    I am twelve years old. I live in Russia. I met Annette in 2013 Summer at the Brick Library. She helped me during the summer to learn better English. I came back to Russia, we now using Skype to do our lessons. I am so happy she will be my tutor. I do very good and my English teacher says that I am the best in my class. Thank you Annette.

    My name is Nihat
    I am from Turkey. I am living in the U.S. for five years now. Annette helped me to get my start here. When I first got here, I could not speak any English at all. After taking English lessons with Annette for one year, my boss gave me a better position and I have had a much easier time socializing with new friends. She is an excellent teacher. She is very patient.

    I am Johnny
    I am a Spanish speaking man and I was having a very difficult time at my job. I started with Annette over a year ago. My business requires me to be able to communicate both verbally and written, I talk to customers, all day, every day. If I did not see Annette three times per week I would not have been able to run my business. I am very happy that I have had the success that I do. I feel I owe Annette a special Thank you for all that has gone well since our lessons.

    My name is Vikram
    I have been a student of Annette Petrillo since early September. I have been taking Ms. Petrillo’s classes in order to improve my skills in critical reading and sentence correction for the SAT’s. After taking Ms. Petrillo’s classes for only 3 months, I can happily say that my overall skill in English has greatly increased. The classes were effective, ad also very efficient. Personally, I can say that Ms. Petrillo has been the most effective teacher I have had throughout my learning career. I would highly recommend Ms. Petrillo for any teaching position because she exhibits a great understanding for the subject matter, has a Masters Degree in Teaching and also has highly effective teaching methods. She is also a very friendly and likable person and knows how to make her students feel comfortable.

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