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  • Ocean County Tutors is a highly successful and experienced tutoring service located in Ocean County, NJ. Our areas of expertise include Pre-K through 12 subjects, College admissions preparation, English language proficiency and on-line tutoring

    Serving Ocean County, NJ and beyond.

        For appointment call (732) 477-3760 or Email Ocean County Tutors
    Remote on-line tutoring: Ocean County Tutors has successfully implemented on-line tutoring using Skype technology with whiteboard-like capability. With this system students and tutors can communicate much as they would if they were in the same room. Real-time functionality includes the ability to upload and mark up text-based files for the writing projects. In addition work associated with a tutoring session can be saved and archived, allowing students to review an organized, archived set of notes whenever they like. Parents can be as involved in the tutoring process as they want to be. Our system allows parents to review notes and written work from previous sessions.

    Contact Ocean County Tutors: in Ocean County, New Jersey 08723
                Director: Annette Petrillo
                  EMail Address: annettepetrillo@aol.com
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                  Telephone:  (732) 477-3760

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